MVP system -
Mindful Voice Practice

  • Vocal coach:
    Anna Bateman
  • Level: All
  • Video time: 4 hours
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    What's included?

    • Unlimited access to over 50 video lessons.
    • Bi- weekly group coaching calls to give you support and direction. 
    • Weekly practice challenges you can record and submit for feedback. 
    • and more...

    Build confidence + gain clarity to unlock your full singing potential.

    Empowering singers to achieve their full potential by combining mindfulness practices and personalized coaching to build confidence and improve overall technique. 

    Learning Objectives

    • Identify effective vocal elements and apply these skills to unlock your full potential.
    • Discover top-notch vocal exercises that will have you and your voice performance-ready in just 15 minutes!
    • Learn mindfulness practices to shift you to the next level of confidence.
    Meet the instructor

    Anna Bateman  

    Anna draws from over 20 years of performance and teaching experience and expertise.  She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with all students to develop their vocal abilities.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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